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September 2019




Dear Parents,


Welcome back to the Autumn term, we hope you all had an enjoyable summer holiday!  We would like to extend a special welcome to our new children and parents.


I would like to introduce myself to you all as the new Manager of Little Stars Pre-school. My Name is Diana Hamilton, I have been working in Early Years Education for over 25 years in a variety of different early years settings and have a BA Hons Degree in early education and child Care. I have 3 grown up daughters and 4 young grandchildren which also keeps me very busy. I look forward to meeting and getting to know you all.



We have a busy half term ahead.  For the first few weeks we will be focusing on making relationships and building self-confidence.   We will be having visits from Melissa, our Children’s and Families Worker and Frank, our Vicar, who will be reading stories and singing with the children.  As it is Harvest Festival at the end of September we will be making Harvest pictures, these pictures will be displayed in the church for the Harvest Service on Sunday 29th September.  You are all very welcome to attend the Family Service which starts at 10.30am.  We will go into the church on the Monday after the service to look at and talk about the gifts that have been left.   Each week we will have a PE session in the sports hall to help the children develop their co-ordination, control and movement.

As September sometimes can be sunny(!) can I remind you to apply a high factor suntan lotion before your child comes to Pre-school


New contact numbersPlease make sure that you inform Diana of any changes of address, new mobile or contact telephone numbers.  If you need to contact us during session times please use the Little Stars phone number: 07736230140.  We have an answerphone facility so please feel free to leave messages/text which will be picked up before and after each session.


Keyperson – there is a list of children’s keyperson on the parent board. If you have any questions regarding your child’s development please speak to your child’s keyperson anytime at the beginning or end of the session.


Absence – It is a requirement that we record in our register the reason why a child is absent, i.e. holiday, illness, religious observance.  We have to be able to demonstrate to an auditor the reasons why we have claimed the early year’s entitlement for a child that is absent.  For this reason please phone or inform Diana before, or on the morning your child is going to be absent.  If your child is likely to be absent for more than two consecutive weeks you must give us a date when your child will be returning to the setting.   In the event that you do not notify us, extended periods of absence may affect the Early Years Free Entitlement and you maybe charged full Pre-school fees.


Snack bar and lunch clubWe would like to include a variety of snacks for the children on our milk bar.  Only certain foods are suitable due to children’s allergies etc. Please would each child, continue to bring in two pieces of different fruit or vegetables staggered throughout the week and occasionally a packet of the following – plain currant bread or raison bread, bread sticks, bagels or pitta, thank you.  Water will be provided for the children that do not drink milk.  Please can I remind you not to send nuts or peanut butter sandwiches for lunch due to children’s allergies.


Children due to start Primary/Infant school September 2020 admissions

You can apply online from 4th November 2019 for a September 2020 school place or you can obtain a paper parental preference form by emailing or telephoning 0300 200 1015. Please state that you require a primary school form.

The closing date for infant, junior and primary schools will be 15th January 2020.


Family Photograph – to help children settle and feel that their family are part of Little Stars too, we have a family photo board.  The children love pointing out their photo and talking about their family.   I would therefore ask if you haven’t already or are new to Little Stars please could you send your child with a family photograph that you are happy for us to display.


Library – we have a small library which is available for you to use.  It is set out each day at the end of the session.  Please feel free to help yourself, cards are provided for you to complete so that we can keep a track on which books are with whom.


Items from Home – we generally would prefer it if items were not brought in on a daily basis, as they do tend to get lost or damaged.  If, however, a child has something really special they want to share, then of course bring it in and pass to a teacher who will look after it and will ensure that it can be shown during our circle time at the end of the morning.


Medication – If your child has an Inhaler or requires regular medication you will need to complete a medication information form before we are able to administer the treatment at pre-school.  All medicines should be handed into a member of staff please do not put any cream, inhalers or medicines in your child’s rucksack.


Parent HelpersWe would love any parent help, it does not have to be for a whole morning, just an hour managing the art area means that we can give your child more one to one attention, and they actually feel very proud that mum, dad or grandparents are helping at their pre-school.  Please let us know if you feel you could help.


Name LabelsPlease ensure all lunchboxes, sweatshirts, and most importantly hats, coats, and wellingtons have clear name labels inside.


Facebook Page – one of our parents has kindly set up a ‘Families of Little Stars’ Facebook page to help you all get to know each other and keep in touch.  Please feel free to join.


Forthcoming events for your diary

  • Harvest Service 10.30 am Sunday 29th September


Should you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask.


Diana, Emma, Suzanne

Amy, Kirsty, Kate, Lee, Amy

Autumn Term Starts

Nativity Play

Christmas Party

What parents say

"My daughter's time at Pre-school has been wonderful. She has learnt so much and enjoyed everyday. She has even wanted to go to Pre-school at the weekends!".

S Hunt July 2018