• Self-Funding
  • Partial or full payment of Fees by Child Care Vouchers
  • Partial or full payment of Fees by Early Years Funding Entitlement -Your child becomes eligible for this funding in the term after they have had their third birthday, and you will be required to fill in a declaration regarding the days your child attends and any other setting they may be attending

Please see the Supervisor in confidence if you have any problems in paying the fees. Fees continue to be payable if a child is absent for a short time. In cases of prolonged absence, parents should consult with the Supervisor about fee payments. Each child’s attendance at the setting is conditional upon continued payment of any fees or the allocation of  Early Years Funding Entitlement

We request a £20.00 deposit if your child joins in the term before their third birthday, when you accept and register your child for a place at Little Stars Pre-school. Please ask for information about our current fees.

We accept child care vouchers.

What parents say

"My daughter's time at Pre-school has been wonderful. She has learnt so much and enjoyed everyday. She has even wanted to go to Pre-school at the weekends!".

S Hunt July 2018